The curriculum offers basic classes like an Introduction to Biophysics as well as advanced and specialized classes on current topics in biophysics. The classes are supplemented by various seminars and a two week laboratory course usually held in february/march before regular classes start. All classes, seminars and courses are open to students from biology, chemistry and physics.

Biophysics is a field of research in between the traditionell disciplines physics, chemistry and biology. Therefore some background in all three disciplines is necessary to understand the principles in biophysics. Since typical students will have a good background in one of these traditional disciplines, they may be weaker in the other fields. For instance physicists may not be very familiar with organic chemistry and molecular biology, whereas biologists may not be familiar with thermodynamics and measurement techniques. Therefore we have divided our curriculum in three sections: (1) core classes, (2) supplemental courses, and (3) advanced courses. Core classes are intended for all students interested in biophysics regardless of background and should be attended by everyone. Supplemental courses are meant to help certain groups of students specifically. In addition advanced courses deepen some specific aspects of biophysics.

If necessary or on demand, the classes will be given in english. We encourage internatitional students to visit our biophysics courses.

Which courses are appropriate for you depend on your study programm. You may want to follow these links to information specificic  for your programm.

BSc Physik, MSc Physik, MSc Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

If you have further questions or comments please contact Prof. Döbereiner or Prof. Radmacher.